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Cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer, bactericide and general virucide, Saber kills non-enveloped viruses like Norovirus in 5 minutes only. Saber has a better cleaning efficacy than Quats. It is an excellent choice for outbreak situations like Norovirus, VRE, MRSA and influenza. Formulated with hydrogen peroxide, Saber sanitizes in just 30 seconds. Long shelf life makes it a great choice for outbreak response and bloodborne spill kits. Designed to be used in hospitals, veterinary clinics (kills Canine Parvovirus and Antibiotic Resistant Organisms in just 5 minutes), schools, retirement homes and daycares. NPE, APE and Phosphate free.

WW SABER WIPES - 150 WIPES 7" X 7.5" - 900 ML

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